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hello, I'm Rodrick and I draw, paint, write and take pictures. Thank you so much for all of the support! he/they . 19 . i like cats and frogs

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Hey everyone!

So a very good friend of mine is moving out within the week to what's hopefully a better environment for them. However, money is tight and any extra cash they can make for bills would mean the world- they're also trying to get more buyers for their commissions and art sales after not having much luck in the past.

If you could buy a commission from them, or even just help by reblogging/spreading this around, that would be a huge help! It would mean a lot to them as well as me!

here's the link to the original Deviantart post!

however, if you don't have Deviantart, they are also on Twitter and Instagram as Chaiiwolfe !! You can contact them however you wish.

Thank you so much for any reblogs/purchases/etc, and thank you for reading!